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How do I repair and merge defective or incomplete files?


Most files found on the Usenet are .rar files. This means that the files have been split up to several archives (.rar). After having downloaded the files they need to be merged. WinRAR is for example a special software that helps you to merge the files. The archives have to be completely accessible on your computer.

If you have already downloaded incomplete files please do the following:

You do not have any .par files in the file group
Look for the .par files that belong to the group. In order to do so type in the file name without the .rar ending, space and ".par" (for example ubuntu .par) in the search bar. You should now be able to find .par files that you can download and afterwards open with Quickpar. Please continue reading the "You have already downloaded the .par files" article.

You have already downloaded the .par files
Please install the program Quickpar and open one of the .par files by double-clicking on it. In addition, select the option "automatically restore" on the right side of the Quickpar program in order to have the archives repaired automatically.

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