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I cannot download at full speed.


USENEXT assures that you can download at up to 50 Mbit using ADSL. If you cannot download at full bandwidth please consider the following:

Are you downloading using the highspeed mode in your newsreader?
If you are using the "flatrate" mode (Free Download Mode) you can download at a maximum of 2000 kbit/s. Switch back to the highspeed mode to download at full speed.

Can you access the full bandwidth of your internet connection?
Sometimes you cannot access the full bandwidth of your Internet connection due to temporary overload. Please find out your actual bandwidth with the help of a speed test.

Is your hardware working trouble-free?
Problems like overheating, cable break, etc. can affect the download speed. Please make sure that all of your network devices are working trouble-free:
- Unplug your router for a few minutes and restart it afterwards.
- If you are using WiFi please make sure that your signal strength is at least "good".
- If you are connected to the Internet via LAN cable please make sure that the cable is not buckled or not lying next to magnetic resources (computer, speakers etc.).
- Contact your Internet provider and have your connection checked.

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