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What is the "Extra Boost Account"?

First Steps

Your Extra Boost Account is credited with data volume from special offers. As we do not intend to withdraw freebies, the additional data volume is saved in your Extra Boost Account and will remain at your disposal even at the end of the term of your regular download plan.

Example: you are currently subscribed to a plan providing access to 30 GB of data volume per month. Our support team gave you 10 GB of additional volume in the course of a special offer. Once your account is recharged, you have access to 40 GB of data volume as the 10 GB from your Extra Boost Account carry over to the following month.

If your regular data volume does not suffice until the end of the term, volume from your Extra Boost Account will be used for downloads. In case you made use of 35 GB of volume (30 GB from your regular account and 5 GB from your Extra Boost Account), you will have access to 35 GB the following month as 5 GB will remain in your Extra Boost Account.

For further questions concerning your regular USENEXT plan or in regard to the Extra Boost Account, please don’t hesitate to call or contact us online—we will be glad to help!

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